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SOLO EXHIBITION June 22 -July 3 / Privat View June 24 / 18h


Eva Breitfuß 

Art Of Presence

Saturday 24 June 2017 / 18h 

Galleria D'Arte Mentana / P.zza Mentana 2/3r / Florence / Italy

Eva Breitfuß is pleased to invite you to the Private View of her Exhibition of work presented at Galleria D'Arte Mentana, Florence, Italy.  

'When nothing is certain, anything is possible.' 

Much can be expressed with only lines, dots, and the silence between them. A multitude of textures can be achieved with just Ink on Paper and those textures in turn, can transmit a slew of feelings, emotions and energy... Everything in life can be reduced to a single root.
From a central starting, concentric circles, structures or points and lines develop on the image area - so beautiful, so simple, yet quintessence of a complex reality, of quiet dynamics, subtle poetry and magnetic attraction. Multi-layered levels of interpretation open up. Eva Breitfuß central concern is to understand, explore, transform and transport realities and energies of time, space and nature through art. With her visual language she is on the track of a universal world language and therefore a complex reality - at maximum intensity with minimal use of resources always on the verge of intangible and imaginary. She even brings it with the following words to the point: "Consciousness is the foundation of all reality and energy. My work is based on New Consciousness. It is an exploration of different levels of consciousness, which is produced and alive through the vital power of art, namely to capture imaginations possible existence. I consider myself as a medium that helps the unknown to express itself. Color has taken a prime importance within my work. It represents the light which is reflected in each one of us. 

I consider myself as a medium that helps the unknown to express itself.“